Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift

American women underwent over 9 million cosmetic procedures last year. Americans spent almost $10.5 billion on cosmetic intervention in 2009. And at that same time 2 million dogs were euthanized in the country.

These are 10 reasons why a person should get a dog instead of a facelift:

1. They offer a lifetime of love & nothing could actually be compared to that love. They just make a place in your heart.

2. They are cheaper. It’s pretty obvious…maintaining & looking after a dog is far cheaper than a facelift.

3. They make you happier & it’s good for your health to have a pet.

4. They often have better breath. A puppy's breath is special and sweet; your plastic surgeon's breath is a crapshoot.

5. They can be your hang-out buddy.

6. They won’t cause talking behind your back. They say people won't mock and sneer at you behind your back if you get a dog. But I think people will talk behind your back.

7. They fetch - You can teach your dog to do tricks & that is hard work but also fun.

8. You can cuddle up with your pet & feel a lot better.

9. They aren’t nearly as risky

10. And last but not least, they care.

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