Sunday, May 30, 2010

Abu Dhabi World's First Energy Positive Building

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Alain Robert Climbs Abu Dhabi Building as Spiderman

Alain Robert Climbs Abu Dhabi

The really important stuff!

I am finalizing all of the details of my trip to Arizona to meet NieNie and her family. All of my work material is organized and packed, passport tucked away safely and US dollars organized by presidents in my wallet. (You really need to colour coordinate your money like we's so confusing! ;-)
I can always hear my mother's voice in my head, "Now Linda, be sure you aren't handing over a ten instead of a one!!" I can always count on her for sound advice

On my recent trip to Bangor, I picked up some pretty clothes. Lots of ruffles, soft colours and even a fun pair of gladiator sandals that don't make me look like I'm clinging to my youth too much, I hope.

Here are some of the pieces coming with me:

Two white skirts and an embellished t-shirt from Target:

And from New York Company (Bangor Mall...I know, I'm fancy)

This sweater is even prettier in real life. Very Anthro and I should have gotten one in another colour, too.

I bought it to go with this dress:

Now, I know what you are thinking: I will look like a mad fool in this dress. But remember, I am 5 ft 4" and am wearing the above sweater (which really does match) with it. So it is not too short and is actually very pretty together; I know this for certain because my mother told me so!!

I also bought this pretty top, which looks great with my white pants and the silver, ruffled flip flops below:
And these sandals in cream. They are very comfortable and not high enough that I feel like Kate Gosselin, either. Because I am NOT a fan of her shoes!

I also bought a very pretty sundress and light sweater at The Gap, kind of nautical, but not so much that it screams Farewell to Nova Scotia. Because, you know I try to be a good ambassador to Canada when I travel. No embarrassing everyone!

Decorating wonderfull living room

Living allowance is apparently the best important breadth in any house. Earlier, it was acclimated as a academic abode for appropriate occasions and to absorb important guests. However, in the present times, the alive allowance has become a added anatomic and alive breadth of the house, which is acclimated for assorted purposes. As such, the adornment of the allowance assumes abundant significance. Also, the alive allowance absolutely speaks volumes about the ambient of the absolute house, so imparting it the appropriate attending is actual importnat. Read on to acquisition some aces account for simple alive allowance decoration.

Simple Alive Allowance Decorating Ideas

Furniture Arrangement

The architecture and agreement of you alive allowance may alarm for a assertive blazon of appliance arrangement. If you accept a broiler in your alive room, position your daybed and recliner on a bank beside it. Both the items can additionally be placed several anxiety anon in advanced of the fireplace. If your alive allowance is ample and spacious, the sofas can be placed adverse anniversary other. Take affliction that your appliance should neither be too large, nor too small, in admeasurement to the alive room. Do not use too abounding appliance items in the alive room.

Wall D├ęcor

You can awning your walls with admirable bank hangings to admit appearance to the alive room. In fact, you can accomplish use of your artistic abilities and actualize some bootleg bank hangings, which are additionally non-expensive. Visit your bounded affiche or art boutique and aces some artful prints, which you can get affected and use as bank hangings. Affected ancestors photographs can additionally be afraid on the walls. However, do not awning the walls completely, as it will accomplish the allowance attending cumbersome.Decorating wonderfull living room
stay home living room
cool living house design

Ferrari world innovative design

Abu dhabi world design is never ending now abu dhabi launch ferrari buildingFerrari world  innovative design

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Video Game Console As Building

this so awesome , video game building form any console game , like nintenso ps3 ,Must be a dream of every gamer to alive or assignment in one of this architectonics in absolute activity some day.

French annual Amusement appear some begin art in the anatomy of gaming architecture, area barrio are fabricated to attending like Playstations, Nintendos, and Nintendo DS. This antic images are appear beneath the name “If I were President” and columnist is British columnist Joseph Ford.
Video Game Console As Building
Video Game Console As Building

Friday, May 28, 2010

100 Posts 100 Followers

( Peringatan posting yang ke 100 dan followers yang ke 100 - walaupun sekarang udah lebih. hoho - Aulius Cleverhead membagikan award sebagai perwujudan apresiasi - Lebay - hoho... )

~ Horray!! ~

Sejak blog ini dibangun pada Selasa, 16 September 2008 lalu...
Akhirnya hari ini mencapai posting dan followers yang ke 100...


Walaupun di antara 100 posting itu ada beberapa judul yang mungkin tidak pantas / tidak penting untuk di post... (check aja postingan yang labelnya 'not important')

Tapi yahh....
Mau bagaimana lagi...
Tangan ini tak bisa dikendalikan di waktu-waktu tertentu...

~ Oh ya...
sebelumnya ~
Saya Minta Maaf ( I'm Sorry ) kepada para pengunjung untu beberapa poin di bawah ini:
1. Komentar dan pesannya di cbox terlambat dibalas. Tau kan, sejak minggu ke dua bulai Mei saya sangat sibuk mencari template baru untuk blog ini. Puluhan bahkan mencapai seratus lebih template yg kriterianya kira-kira sesuai selera saya ( Latar post harus putih, nggak ada warna merah, pink, biru atau ungu sedikitpun, harus ada unsur hijau dan coklat, harus dua kolom, dan sebagainya) telah saya coba satu-satu, namun belum juga ketemu yang cocok. Berhari-hari pun berlalu sia-sia hanya demi sebuah template, jadi saya tegaskan : Itu nggak gampang teman-teman...
Dan akhirnya, jalan satu-satunya ya... Bikin sendiri...

2. Belum keluarnya postingan baru. Ya wajar lah... Kan mau ada peringatan 100 post 100 followers... kalo postingannya yg udah 99 buah ini ditambah secara sembarangan, tidak profesional dan tidak bertanggung jawab, apa artinya postingan yang ke 100 ini..?? hoho...

3. Bagi followers yang link blognya tidak tercantum. Well, award ini saya berikan kepada semua followers blog saya ini. Namun, beberapa diantara followers saya itu ada yang tidak pernah mengkonfirmasi atau minimal memberi tahu bahwa dia memfollow blog saya. Otomatis, saya tidak tahu link blognya.
Namun, jangan kecil hati, dan jangan kecewa teman-teman... sebab, Award-award ini Resmi dan Syah saya berikan kepada Semua followers. Baik yang tertulis maupun yang tidak.

Sebagai wujud apresiasi saya kepada blog-blog lain yang sudah mem-follow blog saya ini...
Saya menyediakan Award dalam beberapa kategori...

Award-awardnya... :






Catatan: Award-award ini khusus untuk yang sudah follow blog ini, dan tidak untuk di tag kepada siapapun lagi...

Nominasi beserta pemenangnya adalah.... :

As Inspirative Blog
Blog yang menginspirasi saya dalam dunia per-blog-an...

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Great Writer Blog
Blog yang berisi tulisan-tulisan yang bagus-bagus...

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Very Nice Blog
Blog yang sangat bagus, tidak hanya dari tulisan-tulisannya, tapi keseluruhan...

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Great Islamic Blog
Blog bagus yang isinya banyak hal tentang Islam

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Great Informer Blog
Blog bagus yang isinya informasi-informasi terbaru seputar berita, teknologi, komunikasi, dan lain-lain

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Great Fashionable Blog
Blog bagus yang isinya seputar Fashion

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Great Beginners
Blog bagus yang masih pemula

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As The Popular Blog
Blog bagus yang populer banget di kalangan followers saya.

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

As Spectacular Commentators Blog
Blog  bagus yang sering singgah ke blog ini... Sering memberikan komentar-komentar yang membangun.... dan lain-lain...

Dan pemenangnya adalah:

Catatan : Untuk Award terakhir di bawah ini, silahkan di tag kepada 5 orang blogger lainnya...



~ Congratulations!! ~ 

1. Tugas saya hanya memberikan award2 di atas sebagai ungkapan apresiasi. Jika ada yang merasa terganggu atau kurang senang atau terbebani, saya katakan, "It's' not my problem"... Hohoho! 


2. Bagi para pemenang award2 di atas, boleh mengambil semuanya, atau kalau mau memilih-milih sesuai selera juga nggak masalah. Saya tegaskan lagi, "It's not my problem"... Hohoho! 

3. Thanks so much buat yang mau meninggalkan pesan konfirmasi. Bagi yang nggak juga nggak masalah.
Sekali lagi, "It's not my problem"... Hohoho!  


4. Hoho.... udah kok... nggak ada lagi...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Flower Place

We really enjoyed building a few projects for my client's porches.
One project was a plant stand. We built a simple box out of MDF,
added some decorative molding to the front,
and attached stair balusters for legs. To make it easy and inexpensive to change faux flowers seasonally,
I designed it with an interior board that rests inside the box. Holes were drilled into the board and it was covered with moss.
Flower picks are placed securely into the holes. If the homeowner wants real potted flowers,
she can simply remove the interior board and place them inside.
But for now the faux flowers are
pretty and maintenance free
I think it looks perfect
sitting beneath the welcome sign I made.


Hertford has been the county town of Hertfordshire since Saxon times, and is 10 minutes away from where I live.

The town of Meryton in the Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice, is thought to have been
based on Hertford.

The town centre still follows the medieval layout, with many timber framed buildings. The first mention of the town was in 673 AD. By the time of the Domesday Book, Hertford had 2 churches, 2 markets and 3 mills.
The Parliament of England temporarily moved to Hertford during the Great Plague of London in 1665.That is why the square in the town is called Parliament Square.

..... but, it is also very up to date with some lovely restaurants. This one is Cafe Rouge, Although they are a chain of restaurants, it is like you are in the depths of France when you eat or have a
drink there.

I think that the above looks very French.

This is a really lovely florist in Hertford. Their displays are very rustic with old wooden boxes,
vintage terracotta pots and many rusty items.

Farrow and Farrow is a delicatessen filled with delicious Venison, Rabbit and Kidney and Guinness pies ( I just hope that Sweeney Todd isn't lurking around there somewhere !! ) They also sell Braughing sausages, made in the local village of Braughing, and very famous in sausage circles !!
Can you see those gi-normous meringues ? !!

Now, just past the doctor's surgery, which looks very similar to the Chancellor of the Exchequer's house, Number 11 Downing Street, London, don't ya think ?.............

...... then, turn left into a little 'Jack the Ripper' alleyway, and there before you is a delightful Tea Room and garden.

Once inside, it's like being in someones Victorian parlor. Tables laid with snowy white tablecloths, beautiful china, sofas around a cast iron fireplace, old fashioned high chairs, dressers and

After partaking in tea, sandwiches and cake, a little stroll along the river was called for.

Over the bridge ..........

.......... and pass the weir. How delightfully English it all was ..... BUT THEN, look what greeted us on our way back to the car.......... and, I promise you all that this was absolutely true. It's a bit out of focus, as I took it quickly because I didn't want him to see me !! ..........


I just hope that it hasn't put any of you off of your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and continued support.
Have a lovely weekend and make sure that your trousers fit properly and there is no builders bum on show !!!! haha