Saturday, July 29, 2006

Press Release - The State of Miami Real Estate presented by Miami Real Estate Specialist Alex Shay

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 29, 2006 -- What is the state of Miami Real Estate? Is it good? Is it bad? Should I buy? Should I sell? These are the questions that people interested in real estate are asking. According to Miami real estate specialist Alex Shay, who has a full featured real estate website, the state of Miami real estate is just fine. “The market has definitely slowed this year”, he said, “but really, there is nothing to worry about.” Although luxury homes are not selling as quickly as they did a couple of years ago, it’s not because people who buy luxury real estate are strapped for funds. They are just playing a waiting game. Those who are looking to buy luxury homes are waiting to see if prices will come down. According to Shay, prices may come down in Miami Beach, but they won’t come down very much. The demand will be there for luxury waterfront property, because Miami is an international city. This topic is discussed in articles found on and condominiums that are priced below a million dollars are selling well, and that is a good sign, because it demonstrates the continued demand for property in Miami. “It’s only going to get better” states Alex Shay, “and anyone who owns a home in Miami is going to be very glad they do.” The gorgeous homes featured on his site , are all going to sell, says Shay, and although the asking prices of many of those homes will come down a bit, sellers are still well ahead of the game, because just a few years ago, they would never have believed that their homes would be worth what they are valued at in today’s market. “Many prospective buyers of luxury homes in Miami and Miami Beach visit my site (, and then call me. They want to know about Miami real estate, and they ask me lots of questions”, says Shay. He tells them that if there is a deal to be made, make it now, because there are enough homes on the market for a buyer to make a very sound deal, and the state of Miami real estate is just fine. “If you love Miami, and want to make your home here, it’s a wonderful time to buy” he says, “and if you do buy, you are going to be very glad you did.” Homes have continued to climb in value in Miami for the past 20 years that he has been in the real state business, and he sees the continued demand for Miami real estate.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The July Real Estate Report

It's the middle of the summer here in Miami Beach, Florida, and all is well, except for real estate, that is. The market is slow. It's not that people don't have money, because they definitely do. So what's the problem? People are waiting. They want to see who is going to buy a property. No one wants to be first, because being first presents a greater risk, one that people buying luxury property these days, are unwilling to take. Properties are selling, so the market is definitely not dead this midsummer's day, but things could be better. The market has stabilized, and everyone should be happy, because sellers are still way ahead of where they could have possibly imagined, just a few years ago, and buyers can make really good deals now, because the marketplace is flooded with listings. Who is going to give? That is the question, and from this writer's point of view, it is definitely not going to be the prospective buyer. Therefore, prices are going to have to come down a little more, but no worries, because what seller could have ever imagined that at this point in time, their property would have been worth what is is valued at in today's market? For detailed market information and property listings visit